Week of 2/3 — Anticipated Schedule:

Monday, 2/3

In-class:  “Progressivism: Liberal vs. Conservative” G.O. & FRQ Outline

Tuesday, 2/4

DUE:  Unit 7 Key Terms; Chapter 21 “1-Pager”;  In-class:  Unit 7 Assessment, M.C., S.A., & FRQ Essay; Begin Reading “WWI, 1914-1918 Summary Packet”; Unit 8 Key Terms

Wednesday, 2/5

In-Class:  WWI Video

Thursday, 2/6

In-Class:  WWI Lecture & Discussion;  Maps

Friday, 2/7

DUE:  Have read WWI PSP Packet “Protesting the First World War”; In-Class:  Protest, Poems, & 50-Word Sagas


Monday, 2/10

DUE:  Poem, Protest, or 50-Word Saga; Ch. 22 “WWI OUTLINE PACKET” M.C. Questions; In-Class: Essay Questions & DBQ Breakdown

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