Chapter 11

This chapter covers the development of a number of factors that helped build national unity. A strong national party system and mass participation in politics developed. As president, Andrew Jackson advanced the powers of the presidency through national appeals. Economic growth, especially in transportation, created unifying forces. Writers, artists, and builders all promoted national themes in their works. Sectional differences, however, did not disappear as a force.

After reading this chapter you should be able to:

Discuss the political trends that dominated this era—the development of the two party system, mass participation in politics, and growth in presidential powers.

Summarize Andrew Jackson’s political views and effect on national government.

List the changes in transportation, communication, and commerce that helped unify the nation.

Summarize the changes in American arts and letters that helped promote national political unity.

Summarize the issues that worked toward sectionalism and against national economic growth and national political unity.

Trace the development of the concept of political parties from the Federalists and Jeffersonians to the Democrats and Whigs.


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