Chapter 5

This chapter emphasizes the number of distinct European colonial regions and new Native American ones that had developed by the 1700s. These regions (Spanish, French, English, and Indian) created distinct forms of community life that would continue to shape American history. The maturing of the European colonies, particularly those held by Britain, brought many social and religious tensions in the 1700s. These tensions produced much public discussion in the British colonies, which may have encouraged more political involvement on the part of ordinary people.

After reading this chapter you should be able to:

Use the community of Deerfield, Massachusetts, to illustrate the cultural problems of a New England community.

Compare the cultures of colonial North America from 1700 to 1780, including Indian America.

Explain how the various cultures of colonial North America dealt with balancing tradition and change.

Describe the impact of immigration on British colonial culture.

Describe the Great Awakening and summarize its impact on certain colonial areas.

Describe how the colonial regions of North America in the 1700s continue to reflect the regions discussed in Chapter 1.


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